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CLEV-A Customers of the month...


With the CLEV-A Solar Garden, I can grow food anywhere...

"....I can thoroughly recommend the CLEV-A Solar Garden as being extremely versatile for growing chemical free plants from flowers to your own herbs and leafy salads, even 6 foot high corn. Now I can grow food absolutely anywhere."

Theo Marshall from Perth, WA


An indoor herb garden all year round ?  I can't wait!

"...After having great success with my CLEV-A Solar Garden, I just had to order a CLEV-A Herbie. I love to grow food I've always wanted to have an indoor herb garden. Now I can grow food with LED grow lights, and have fresh herbs all year round! The watering system and grow lights are going to make it so easy for me to grow food for my family"


David S from Elizabeth Bay, Sydney



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The easy, organic way to grow your own salads,

herbs and flowers indoors.

CLEV-A Herbie is a revolutionary, self-contained organic indoor garden that gives you super-fresh herbs, flowers and foods all year round, right in your kitchen!

Using a CLEV-A gravity-fed self-watering system with a fully adjustable LED lighting halo, CLEV-A Herbie constantly produces the herbs, flowers and other plants of your choice, grown organically in real soil. That means real natural, delicious flavours.





CLEV-A Herbie not only looks terrific and adds a very modern splash of colour to your kitchen, it’s practical too. Imagine fresh basil on your pasta, aromatic rosemary on your lamb, and tangy chopped chives on your salads. What you can grow is only limited by your imagination.







ONLY $169.95

If you aren't interested in growing your own plants then the best option might be to buy them online. The Tree Center offers a great service in the US by shipping plants directly to your door. Check out their beautiful Japanese Maple section with gorgeous photos.

The Garden that does it all for you

The CLEV-A Solar Garden is a compact, mobile, 9 pot self contained garden with solar powered auto-watering system that will allow you to grow food, including market garden-fresh vegetables and salads at home. Small enough to fit into any home, flat or unit, the Solar Garden is a money-saving, taste-making delight! Once you grow in the Solar Garden, you won't want to grow any other way !



It grows, and grow and grows. The solar auto-watering system delivers just the right amount of plant food and water every day, so the Solar Garden pumps out beautifully healthy, natural and delicious vegetables, salads, herbs and flowers. And you can move it to anywhere around your house, for decoration or to chase the sun.

Having a CLEV-A Solar Garden will make you virtually self-sufficient for vegies and salads - it will save you money, reduce your carbon footprint and produce clean, healthy oxygen in your home.  Because it's so fertile and so simple, Solar Garden just keeps on growing, with minimum effort. With nine pots per unit, you can have a great range of salads vegies, herbs and flowers, and with two units you could almost open a restaurant. But it's the taste that will really impress you - it's like vegetables and salads used to be! Order your CLEV-A Solar Garden and start to grow food today!





ONLY $269.95